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3.Mesa boogie 1x12 Cabinet closed back-Bought it with the Mark V and kept it. Sounds good to me ,Distortion and Clean.
4.Shure SM57- well I'm sure you all know this mic ,always sounds great.
5.RE320-I searched for another mic to record simultaneously with the SM57 and ended with RE320 ,sounds really good as well.
the way and place that I put it ,the RE320 sounded tiny bit with more lowend and less presence combined with the SM57 and it is an awesome match.  

6.My favorite equipment...PedalBoard- I've been replacing pedals for more then 20 years but I think I got what I need (at least for this project)
Lovesqueeze  by Rothwell UK -the best Compressor ! great one for guys who used to hate compressor (like me)
Morley BadHorsie Wah pedal - sounds really good with distortion and very easy to engage and disengage.
Ernie ball vol pedal- Serve me for more then 15 years never had a problem .
RC Booster Xotic - Great for getting your cleans from great to awesome and DOESN'T  change your tone.
Diablo OKKO- The best dynamic overdrive and the only one that Ive heard which my ES335 sound great with (neck pickup as well)
MXR EQ- used it in the FX loop to either boost the distortion or to change the tone a bit .
MXR Flanger- Flanger is not my favorite effect but this one sounds great , one role with flanger effect :use it tastefully.
Superdelay Empress- Great sounding and works well in the FX loop ,not cheap but worth the money .used it in some of my tunes.
Octave Boss- Again never was my favorite type of effect but I got to tell you ...listen to it in "Loud and clear"...it makes the solo and the sound of the guitar so right and fits perfectly in the mix.

1.Marshall TSL 100- for years I used Mesa Boogie amps from Triaxis to Mark I to Mark V and more ...Switched to Marshall for this CD and I have to tell you it ROCKS!!!. Bought it from a store (cant remember the name) in LA .
At first I was not sure if I will like it or not but after two days and I mean two days I recorded the first song in the albums "Just as I remember" and I knew that it will sound awesome .Also I cant belive that I'm writing it but the clean sounds are amazing ,dont know why there is myth that marshals are not good for clean ...sounds amazing to my ears .Most of the album was recorded with this amp.

2.Marshall DSL 100 - so I really liked the TSL and I've heard that the DSL sounds amazing as well so I had to buy one and try it out.
An amazing amp as well! not better than the TSL just tiny bit different .I did record some of the tunes with it cant remember which one but it is more as a backup for me , the TSL has all the sounds of the DSL and more IMO. Still that's a keeper as well.