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6.Ovation guitar- great acoustic guitar .the best thing about it is that it feels like electric , that's way I like it LOL
Used it in all of my CDs and shows .

5.1970 Gibson 335- was my main guitar for the smooth jazz CDs which I did ..has an amazing big warm sound , all original I just needed to refret it.

4.1988 G&L ASAT- Collectable guitar with "Leo Fender" decal ,great guitar bought it in LA second hand for $600 , 10 years ago.
Has a unique sound to it something between strat and telecaster. Neck is tiny bit thin to my hand but still OK.
Again great guitar but didn't fit to this album...keeper as well and fit perfectly to some other projects that I'm involved

3.1996 G&L s-500 - was my main guitar for more then 15 years! a really good one and build like a tank!. Over the years I've been modified the hell of it and I can't write it here cause it will take 3 pages ...as for now it has 3 Lollar pickups, new saddles and bridge block, noise cancellation system and new frets ...not playing on it as  much ...again because of the style of this album but that's a keeper as well

2.Early 1971 Fender Stratocaster - always wanted one and I can say this one sounds amazing! ...still that's not the sound that I was looking for the CD"A sudden transition " but that's a keeper for sure . I do use it for rock and blues productions when needed.

1.Suhr modern- my main guitar for my 3rd CD, for years I was looking for a modern guitar which will give me a modern sound and feel but will still keep some degree of a Stratocaster sound incase I'll need it in a song. I got to tell you that I found it in the Suhr modern.
The only thing that I had  modified was adding a split knob for the neck Humbucker ...sounds very close to a Stratocaster sound.